Nachhaltigkeit bei MERSOR

Wir arbeiten stets daran, unseren Ressourcenverbrauch auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Learn here how we do it.

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Unsere 6 Gebote.

We follow the approach of so-called "slow fashion". Quality is above quantity.

Upcycling of Leather: Our selected leather is a by-product of the meat industry.

Our products are carefully made by hand. From design through production to monogramming.

Our Italian tannery has been awarded a variety of certificates for its environmentally friendly practices, including the German Blauer Engel certificate.

Our European production sites have been critically selected. As family businesses they follow the traditional leather craft.

The materials used are all from Europe, mainly Italy. All products are also processed in Europe.

Look behind the scenes:
Unsere Produktion in Italien.

"We want to offer an elegant way of personalization. A brand that offers premium quality without high markups and at the same time is tailored to the personalization requirements of customers. This means no additional costs and no extended delivery time to personalize the product."

- Stella Maria Sorg and Lisa Meissner, Founders of MERSOR