Everything you need to know for your personal monogram.

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Monogram Text Guidelines

Depending on the product size you are allowed to choose any word, initials or combination of both with up to 8 characters. Most popular are 2- or 3-letter monogram like “K.S.” (Karen Smith) or “AvM” (Anna von Mainau) – with or without dots. Alternatively you can use your favorite phrase or even hashtag like #Berlin. Numbers are coming soon (approximately End of February 2018). Then, also number combinations like dates or zipcodes are allowed.

Please Note: We reserve the right not to print certain expressions, insults or political statements on our products. If your product personalization includes a word that our policies do not allow, we will contact you and ask you kindly to change it. If you refuse to change your personalization we will have to cancel your order.

Monogram Font Size Guidelines

Choose the size of your monogram based on the typographic scale:

  • Small size equals 24 pt. (6,3 mm hight of the character)
  • Large size equals 36 pt. (9,2 mm hight of the character)

For small leather goods and tech accessories (such as our phone cases, cardholder, keycharms) we recommend the small size font. The large size looks great on our leather bags, clutches and pouches.

Monogram Color Guidelines

You can choose between 5 colors (see image below in respective order):

  • Rosé Gold,
  • Copper,
  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Blind Debossed, which is best for products in light colors or suede leather.

We recommend to match it to the color of the metal accessories. For grainy leather we recommend Colors since Blind Debossed is more difficult to see on grainy leather.

Monogram Position Guidelines

Choose the position of your monogram. Depending on the product you have a certain choice of positions. For bags the “Front side” is the side without the logo since your monogram should be in the center of attention.


You want to make it even more special? Do you want an individual monogram position? Or color? We take on individual requests. If there is a certain monogram position, color or product, then contact us at hello@mersor.com (with the subject: custom-made).