Your Forever Bag

HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT BAG? - Our 3 Steps to Finding Your Forever Bag!

OK, you probably already fancy yourself as something of a bag connoisseur – after all, you have a proud collection which is borderline ‘problem’. However, did you know that when it comes to bags, not all are created equal? Just think back to those impulse arm candy purchases which later gather dust in wardrobes because they are too small/big, the wrong colour, or of such poor quality that straps unapologetically give way. We aren’t here to pop the balloons at your parade, but to arm you with the tools for savvier shopping. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know on finding the perfect handbag companion that will stay by your side season after season, year after year. 

The Quality

We know it can be tempting to dive into fast fashion with a cheap leather substitute but it’s only going to lead to heartache as the material peels or marks. However, the quest for leather isn’t always as easy as it should be in a world of label transparency (especially if shopping at boutiques). Remember, that if the promise is leather but the texture is smooth and with a plastic touch – it’s probably faux leather. On the contrary, leather can actually feel coarse and can contain some small imperfections known as pebbles or pores. After all, real leather is animal skin and each piece should be as unique and individual as the animal it came from.

Quality doesn’t just begin and end with the fabric because the hardware plays a pivotal role too. Metal detailing has to flow and complement the whole bag so check for continual use of the same metal and detailing that serves to flatter not dominate.

The Size

When it comes to size, every girl has her preference but it’s important to really think of how fit your future (drool worthy) bag is for purpose. If you are a soul who can’t leave home without the kitchen sink, ask yourself if a streamlined clutch is really going to work? Similarly, if you’re more a ‘car keys and go’ type of girl then that tote you are desperately coveting is probably going to look a little lack lustre. It’s a time for full transparency, if even to yourself. 

The Carry

By the time you reach a certain age on your bag journey, you’ve inevitably got your carry down so don’t be fooled into thinking you can change it. If you are an arm-crook-hook girl, don’t let your eye wander to unstructured totes which will just serve to annoy you as they park on your shoulder. Similarly, if you are baguette or clutch carrier, expect to feel slightly naked if you are suddenly hands-free. We aren’t saying that you can’t mix your carry up for different occasions, but if you are in it for the long-haul – stay true to what you know!

OK, so now you know how you can find your forever bag!, here are links to go wild 🤑