Winter Break Luggage

Unique Luggage Worthy of a Winter Break - Suitcases, but not as we know them. . .

Everything is coming together – you have the savings, you’ve the nod from the boss for time off work, your ‘out of office’ is active and now it’s time to set off on that winter holiday! All that’s left to do is pack, which starts first with luggage. Whether your destination is centred around skiing on the slopes or jetting off for some summer sun, you’re going to require some seriously stylish kit. Remember your objective is to find a suitcase that not only looks good but that also serves to hold all that holidaying ‘off-season’ can throw at it. Here is our round-up of our favourite luggage collections for the light-traveller right through to the over-packer.

Gucci Tian GG Supreme Carry-On

One of the worst things about going on holiday has to be the long wait at the luggage conveyor while generic bag after generic bag makes its way around. It’s high time you stopped picking up every black bag to check if it’s yours and sought out something altogether more inspiring. This bag from Gucci won’t just pop on that carousel, it will cheer your soul long before the plane even takes off. 

Steamline Luggage – Pink Stowaway

Yesteryear travelling was as much an experience as the holiday itself. Today it seems we are in so much of a hurry to get to our destination that we overlook all the fun involved in getting there. Thankfully, Steamline is on a mission to change all that – evoking nostalgia with a range of trunk inspired luggage that harks back to a time of long cruises and dinner at the captain’s table. With its beautiful lining and indulgent metal-ware, this luggage oozes luxury in any destination.

Model M – Horizn Studios

Forget everything you know about luggage being simply functional (and sometimes stylish) and say hello to Smart luggage. Engineered to be intelligent when it comes to packing space (with clever pockets to blend a business and personal belongings) this clever suitcase also comes equipped with a battery so that your phone will never run out of juice again. No more desperately seeking airport electricity sockets, this suitcase takes all the stress out of staying connected during long haul.

Whether you are just escaping for a festive weekend or seeking winter sun all season, there simply is no excuse for bad luggage. Pop one of these on your Christmas list now.